Dr. Park Jae Moon Report on Candidate 37

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The following was a promotional item done for the Rising Tide Expansion.

Summary[edit | edit source]

To: Chungsu Director of Special Undertakings

From: Dr. Park Jae Moon, Psychomedical Unit

Subject: re: Candidate 37 iso-meditation exceptionalism

Dear Madam,

Per your direction, this office has reviewed the biometric telemetry captured from Candidate 37 during his iso-meditation exercises.

As you are aware, iso-meditation is the practice of organized thought while standing on the abyssal sea plain outside of level Abyssopelagic-0 of the Miruek Bosal Dome. The meditator dresses in a Category 1b diving suit, walks 250 meters from the facility, and then douses the suit’s internal lights and cuts communication to the facility. The absence of terrestrial stimulation and the presence of marine bioluminesce and auditory cues create highly desirable depersonalization and alienation suitable to mediation exercises. Furthermore, iso-mediation usually follows intense periods of physical training, producing powerful exhaustion. Through directed iso-meditation we can reliably produce the idiotypical gamma patterns correlated with strong mental acuity in practitioners.

We are currently experiencing slightly above-predicted losses among our pool of candidates, which we attribute to insufficient screening during the intake process. Of those candidates who have survived, we are experiencing acceptable levels of voluntary turnover and medical-related failure. Appendix F breaks down losses with a complete failure database available for analysis on request. Of those candidates demonstrating exceptional results (p < 0.001), Candidate 37 is clearly performing the best within this group (t = 3.32 among this population).

We agree with aspects of the psychological profile drafted by our colleagues in the Behavioral Prediction Unit. We agree Han Jae Moon is a highly organized, rational, and lateral thinker. We disagree with them on the subject of ego-diminution. Our meta-analysis of telemetry collected during his iso-meditation suggest to us the presence of a powerful, albeit deeply concealed ego (see technical explanation in Appendix G). We cannot guarantee the compliance of Candidate 37 with the greater agenda of Chungsu. We believe there is a strong likelihood that if Candidate 37 were placed in charge of our Seeding expedition, he would implement his own values, objectives, and direction on the expedition, in service of goals which we cannot readily ascertain.

Chungsu’s entire effort to this point has been to create a cadre whose members would understand and be subservient to the values of this organization. We believe that Candidate 37 is a dangerous candidate to lead this mission precisely because the very traits that allow him to be so successful in the training program also make him immune to the vital ego-diminution necessary to ensure loyalty to Chungsu.

We believe that Candidate 37 has managed to determine the purpose of the Chungsu Directorate of Special Undertakings through inference and analysis. His EEG patterns are consistent with someone possessing metaknowledge of experimental conditions, although we cannot detect any instances where information isolation protocol was violated. We are firmly convinced that he is providing the Directorate exactly what this Directorate seeks.

Our recommendation is that Subject 37, Han Jae Moon, be dismissed from the program immediately and isolated or neutralized humanely until the project comes to completion.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Park Jae Moon, Chief

Psychomedical Unit

Chungsu Directorate of Special Undertakings

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<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Redelivery Failed>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ERROR CODE.string: Doctor, you exhaust yourself with idle speculation. My loyalty to Chungsu is beyond question. Perhaps a rest period on the surface is in order? I am concerned only for your health, and preserving the reputation you have earned in your many years of service to Chungsu. Goodbye, Doctor.