Civilization: Beyond Earth Wiki
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The world of Beyond Earth is populated by several distinct civilizations, with competing goals, unique units, and special units. Harkening back to the original Civilization titles, Beyond Earth allows you to choose a life of war or peace with your fellow powers.


The following are the officially confirmed civilizations in Beyond Earth, who vary as wildly in geographic locations as they do in AI affinities, strategies, and histories.

Alien Lifeforms[]

The various civilizations of Beyond Earth are not only competing against fellow settler nations - they are also competing against the indigenous alien lifeforms. These lifeforms can be dealt with in a number of ways, though these responses typically fall within two categories; responding with aggression will beget aggression, and responding with peace will beget peace. Dependent on how the aliens are interacted with, the coloration of their icons will change to either green or orange and black. When green and black, the aliens are peaceful and pacified, and when orange and black, they are angry and aggressive. When engaged in combat, the alien icons change to red and black.

Though the aliens respond to general aggression, they also function on a nest basis, like the City-States of the original Civilization series. When a specific nest is attacked, that nest will become more aggressive; if a nest is destroyed, all aliens will become wary of your presence. All aliens begin as docile and pacified, though they become significantly stronger regardless of your response throughout the progression of the game.

Though units will evolve into more powerful forms, there are only a handful of confirmed units currently shown by the development team.