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The gameplay of Beyond Earth is a hybrid of long-standing 4x gaming and unique Firaxis design.


There are several distinct difficulty settings in Beyond Earth. These difficulty ratings will determine the relative strength and prowess of the built-in artificial intelligence systems. The following ratings have been confirmed for the game:

Sputnik (Easier)
Apollo (Harder)

Victory Conditions[]

Beyond Earth has several victory conditions; while this continues the tradition of classic Civilization games, only one of these victories are common to the other titles in the series.

Domination The classic victory that requires you to capture the Capitol of all other players. This mode can be achieved using any affinity.
Contact Claiming victory in this way entails the creation of a beacon, which will attract sentient lifeforms who formerly occupied the planet. This will then trigger the end-game state. This mode can be achieved using any affinity.
Emancipation The Supremacy victory condition, Emancipation is earned by constructing a portal to Earth, and deploying military there to convert or destroy the old ways of humanity.
Promised Land This Purity condition uses the same type of portal as Emancipation, and brings new settler colonists through the portal to colonize the planet.
Transcendence The Transcendence victory is achieved by taking the Harmony affinity, and hinges on the idea that humanity can become a global consciousness with the planet itself. After constructing a machine to interface with the planet, the player must defend this machine until victory is earned.

Covert Operations[]

Covert Operations, also called Covert Ops, is Beyond Earth's answer to Espionage in previous Civilization games, though it is dramatically expanded. In addition to the staples of Espionage, providing vision of enemy cities, diplomacy to change voting habits and patterns, and intrigue which reveals the inner workings of the city itself, Covert Ops agents have a set of options available to them to better carry out their mission. After successful operations, Agents can be promoted up to 4 levels increasing their success rate.

Establish Network Establish a spying network and relay information back to the home city. No Intrigue required.
Siphon Energy Steal an amount energy from the enemy, and redirect it to the home city. Rewarded when operation complete. No Intrigue required.
Steal Science Steal an amount of science from the enemy, and redirect it to the home city. Rewarded when operation complete. Level 1 intrigue Required
Steal Technology Steal a valuable technology from the enemy. Level 2 Intrigue required
Recruit Defectors Recruit up to 5 military units from the enemy, they appear outside your Capitol if successful. Level 3 Intrigue Required.
Hack Satellites Hack and de-orbit any satellites within 5 tiles of enemy city. Level 4 Intrigue required.
Stage a Coup Stage a Coup de e'tat, gain complete control of enemy city. Level 5 Intrigue required.
Dirty Bomb Detonate a nuclear-laced bomb within the city, reducing city health and population by half. Level 11 Purity Affinity required. Level 5 Intrigue required.
Sabotage Pillage all tiles within 3 tiles of the city. Level 11 Supremacy Affinity Required. Level 5 Intrigue required.
Attract Worm Attract a siege worm to attack the city. Level 11 Harmony Affinity required. Level 5 Intrigue required.

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