Civilization: Beyond Earth Wiki
Seeding ss.png

Seeding is the beginning process undertaken in Beyond Earth, and grants certain bonuses depending on who supports you and with whom you place your allegiance.


Choosing a sponsor grants certain bonuses which can dramatically alter both the immediate early-game and the long-term strategy overall.

ARC.png American Reclamation Corporation (ARC) Covert operations are 25% faster and cause 25% more intrigue
PAC.png Pan-Asian Cooperative (PAC) +10% Production.png Production towards Wonder, and +25% Worker speed
FI.png Franco-Iberia (FI) Gain a free virtue for every 10 virtues developed
SF.png Slavic Federation (SF) Orbital units stay in orbit 20% longer, and the first one launched grants a free technology
P.png Polystralia (P) Cities able to send trade routes may support one more trade route than normal
KP.png Kavithan Protectorate (KP) Outposts develop into cities 50% faster
B.png Brasilia (B) Units have +10% Strength in melee combat
PAU.png People's African Union (PAU) +10% Food.png Food in growing cities when healthy


The type of colonists picked alters the immediate effect of early cities.

Colonist Scientists.png Scientists +2 Science.png Science in every city
Colonist Refugees.png Refugees +3 Food in every city
Colonist Aristocrats.png Aristocrats +4 Energy.png Energy in every city
Colonist Engineers.png Engineers +2 Production.png Production in every city
Colonist Artists.png Artists +3 Culture.png Culture in every city


The type of Spacecraft you choose affects your starting conditions.

Spacecraft Continental Surveyor.png Continental Surveyor Reveals Coasts on Map
Spacecraft Retrograde Thrusters.png Retrograde Thrusters Wider area for choosing where to land first City
Spacecraft Tectonic Scanner.png Tectonic Scanner No technology is needed to see Petroleum, Geothermal, and Titanium resources
Spacecraft Fusion Reactor.png Fusion Reactor Begin with 100 Energy.png Energy
Spacecraft Lifeform Sensor.png Lifeform Sensor Reveal Alien Nests on Map


The specific cargo chosen during your launch affects your default setup.

Cargo Hydroponics.png Hydroponics Begin with an extra Population in your first city
Cargo Laboratory.png Laboratory Begin with the Pioneering technology
Cargo Raw Materials.png Raw Materials Begin with a Clinic building in your first city
Cargo Weapon Arsenal.png Weapon Arsenal Begin with a Soldier unit
Cargo Machinery.png Machinery Begin with a Worker unit