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Test dpl table[edit source]

Icon Name Type Tech Required Cost Effect(s)
Headquarters Headquarters National Wonder None 250 Production.png +3 Production.png Production
+4 Energy.png Energy
+2 Science.png Science
+1 Culture.png Culture
+6 Defense
Promethean Wonder Promethean Wonder Wonder Transgenics 950 Production.png City no longer produces unhealth.
Stellar Codex Stellar Codex Wonder Ballistics 225 Production.png +3 Science.png Science
Bytegeist Bytegeist Wonder Swarm Intelligence 1250 Production.png +2 Science.png Science
+4 Culture.png Culture
Gene Vault Gene Vault Wonder Genetic Mapping 205 Production.png +4 Food.png Food
+1 Culture.png Culture
+10% Food.png Growth in Cities
Markov Eclipse Markov Eclipse Wonder Artificial Intelligence 1050 Production.png +4 Science.png Science
+1 Culture.png Culture
Xenodrome Xenodrome Wonder Alien Ethics 1500 Production.png +4 Energy.png Energy
+4 Science.png Science
Resurrection Device Resurrection Device Wonder Artificial Evolution 1350 Production.png +8 Health.png Health
Ansible Ansible Wonder Exotic Matter 1500 Production.png +4 Energy.png Energy
+4 Science.png Science
Tectonic Anvil Tectonic Anvil Wonder Metamaterials 1550 Production.png +9 Production.png Production
Mind Flower Mind Flower Project None 1750 Production.png
Crawler Crawler Wonder Mechatronics 1250 Production.png +1 Culture.png Culture
Master Control Master Control Wonder Autonomous Systems 225 Production.png +1 Culture.png Culture
Nanothermite Nanothermite Wonder Nanotechnology 1050 Production.png +4 Energy.png Energy
Deep Memory Deep Memory Wonder Human Conservation 1450 Production.png +7 Culture.png Culture
Mass Driver Mass Driver Wonder Ballistic LEV 950 Production.png +5 Range for Anti-Orbital Strike,
Precog Project Precog Project Wonder Collaborative Thought 450 Production.png +2 Culture.png Culture
+2 Health.png Health
Holon Chamber Holon Chamber Wonder Hyperconductors 1050 Production.png +3 Science.png Science, +4 Energy.png Energy
Daedalus Ladder Daedalus Ladder Wonder Augmentation 1550 Production.png +2 Food.png Food
+3 Health.png Health
Warp Gate Warp Gate Project Transcendental Math 1750 Production.png Unlocks the victory gates
Panopticon Panopticon Wonder Defense Grid 250 Production.png +1 Culture.png Culture
Drone Sphere Drone Sphere Wonder Swarm Robotics 650 Production.png +2 Science.png Science
Cynosure Cynosure Wonder Synthetic Thought 1550 Production.png +7 Science.png Science
Communications Array Communications Array Wonder ?
Human Hive Human Hive Wonder Euthenics 1150 Production.png +3 Production.png Production
Archimedes Lever Archimedes Lever Wonder Seismic Induction 837 Production.png +4 Production.png Production
+1 Culture.png Culture
Ectogenesis Pod Ectogenesis Pod Wonder Genetic Design 300 Production.png +3 Food.png Food
+3 Production.png Production
Quantum Computer Quantum Computer Wonder Field Theory 1050 Production.png +5 Science.png Science
Xenonova Xenonova Wonder Alien Materials 1150 Production.png +7 Food.png Food
+2 Health.png Health
Armasail Armasail Wonder Synergetics 1250 Production.png +4 Production.png Production
Xenomalleum Xenomalleum Wonder Bioengineering 1050 Production.png +7 Energy.png Energy
New Terran Myth New Terran Myth Wonder Human Idealism 750 Production.png +4 Culture.png Culture
Memetwork Memetwork Wonder Orbital Networks 700 Production.png +4 Culture.png Culture
+2 Health.png Health
Spy Agency Spy Agency National Wonder Computing 200 Production.png Allows spies to be recruited.
Beacon Beacon Project Transcendental Math 1750 Production.png Broadcasts contact message to extraterrestrials
Transcendental Equation Transcendental Equation Project Transcendental Math 450 Production.png Allows a Contact victory
Emancipation Gate Emancipation Gate Project Hypercomputing 1750 Production.png Enables Emancipation victory.
Exodus Gate Exodus Gate Project Nanotechnology 1750 Production.png Enables Promised Land victory.