Xenomass Well

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Xenomass Well
Improvement Xenomass Well.png
Tile Improvement
2 Energy.png Energy
Built On
+3 Food.png Food with Xenomass icon.png Xenomass, +1 Science.png Science with Alien Genetics, +1 Culture.png Culture with Alien Domestication, +1 Energy.png Energy with Xenomass icon.png Xenomass with Xenofuel Plant, +1 Production.png Production with Xenomass icon.png Xenomass with Cloning Plant
Tech Required
Alien Sciences

The Xenomass Well is a Tile Improvement in the world of Beyond Earth.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Xenomass Well is a well in which Xenomass is extracted and refined. This allows the Xenomass to function as Food.png Food, Science.png Science, Energy.png Energy, and Production.png Production catalysts, boosting overall production and promoting general Food.png Growth and Health.png Health

References[edit | edit source]